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New Doctor Blues

This is one song I think most people with diabetes know.

My primary care physician, who I really worked well with, left the clinic at which I saw her. My understanding is that she’s looking to start a new clinic, but in the meantime I have to see another doctor at the same clinic. If I like him, I’ll probably stay with the clinic, which is a good fit for me in several ways.

My first appointment is tomorrow morning. I’m somewhat nervous. In fact, I’m double-nervous: I have diabetes-checkup nerves AND new doctor nerves.

I’ve got the normal pre-appointment jitters about the normal stuff. What will my numbers be like? Will I need a change in treatment plan? Has all the walking I’ve done helped with the HDL cholesterol? Will I get a good answer to the question I hope to ask?

But the new doctor brings a different set of worries. Will I like him, and will he like me? Will I feel like his next appointment is more important to him than I am? Will I be judged for my obesity? Will I be judged because I don’t test often enough? Will he be open to my desire to participate in treatment decisions?

To be honest, the new-doctor worries actually weigh more heavily upon me than the pre-appointment worries. If the appointment goes well, I’ll feel good about staying with that clinic. If it goes badly, I may be on the hunt for a new clinic to go to.

I don’t much care for “The New Doctor Blues”. I sure seem to know the words, though.


  1. Hope it’s a great appointment!

  2. I do hope you like the new doctor. I find changes like that to be stressful to say the least. Just remember that you are a smart, competent, well-liked and much-admired adult. Sometimes children with self-esteem issues draw pictures where they are 1 inch tall and the adults in their life are 10 feet tall. Go into that appointment feeling like you are 10 feet tall because you are twenty feet tall in my book! I think that everyone in the DOC would agree.

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