Diabetes Advocacy Has an Easy Button

(Originally posted at Diabetes Ramblings.)

Do you want to get involved with diabetes advocacy but just don’t have the time?

As a busy mom of five, teacher, and recent masters graduate, I understand this completely!

Please let me introduce you to Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition! This is the diabetes advocacy easy button.

As stated on their site, “Join Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition to easily help keep policy makers’ attention on people with diabetes. Once you’ve joined, we’ll keep track of issues, opportunities, and how to contact officials. We make it easy to for you to advocate while giving you the opportunity to tell your own story.”

It doesn’t matter what type you are. Type 1? Type 2? LADA? MODY? Diabetes issues affects us all. This site makes finding the issues and who to write to easy. Add a little personalization to the letter and hit send.

As a famous office supply store likes to say, “Well that was easy!”


  1. Here is a link to an issues that impacts a lot of people with diabetes particularly senior T2. Medicare Glucose Strip Bidding. Medicare says they save money and every thing is fine. Research presented as a poster at ADA suggest there are higher ER, hospitalization and care cost and higher mortality after the bidding program disrupted access to strips.

    I would like congress to get to the truth here is a link if you would too:

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