Best Bedding For Ball Pythons: Coconut Husk VS. Paper products

Owning ball python is a valuable experience for many people. And setting up their enclosure cannot be complete without the best bedding for ball pythons.

They should not have a bare enclosure floor; pall python needs something comfortable, smooth, and natural to slither on.

Many people will recommend using newspapers or paper towels as ball python bedding since they are always available and the cheapest option. Many other pall python keepers prefer to use coconut husk since it is an all-natural and highly absorbent substrate.

In order to help you choose the right bedding for your pets, this post will go into the details of these two substrates.

#1 Safe and non-toxic

Ball pythons are relatively easy to get toxins from their environment end especially for their substrate. It is because ball pythons are likely to swallow a small amount of substrate.

The best substrate bedding ball pythons should be all-natural, do not contain any extra chemicals which could harm or cause irritation for your pets.

Coconut Husk is the 100% material bedding that totally safe for ball pythons. However, it has larger chips than another substrate, which makes it less comfortable and you have careful when feeding your pets on this bedding to make sure they will not swallow a large piece of this bedding.

For a younger ball python, we recommend you use Paper Products as a substrate for them if you are concerned about your ball python’s health. Paper products will eliminate the possibility of digestive issues that likely to occur in younger ball pythons.

But do not use perfumed paper towels. Artificial fragrances can lead to respiratory problems in ball pythons.

#2 Easy to clean

Pall python keepers should spot clean their cage daily and deep clean, replacing the substrate monthly. Since you have to frequently clean the cage, you will want to get the bedding that is relatively easy to clean.

There is the advantage of Coconuts Husk that not every substrate can get. It is that coconut husk is both antibacterial and antimicrobial. That means it will prevent the growth of mold on it.

However, the drawback is that Coconut Husk is a dark color, it will make you get hard to notice waste on it to spot check and remove the waste.

On the other hand, Paper Products is a light color, therefore easy to see the waste and remove it every day. You also can immediately tell if the substrate is damp. Paper Products are very easy to replace.

Furthermore, paper products get wet easily; it is also required to be replaced regularly much more than another substrate.

#3 Holds in humidity and ordor control

Pall python requires a humidity lever quite higher than others. They need humidity between 55% and 60%. And this level will increase to 80% when ball pythons in their shedding process.

It is better to give them the bedding that has the ability to maintain humidity levels.

Both Coconut Husk and Paper Products are substrates like this. Coconut Husk is a highly absorbent substrate that keeps in liquids and provides the necessary humidity for your ball python.

It does a great job of not only absorbing liquids but also smells too. While paper products are highly absorbent bedding too, but it does not offer much odor control.