What type of men’s underwear is best for hot weather?

During the summer, you may have to work outdoor with your underwear soaked through with sweat. Many people think that any types of underwear from the market will work but unsuitable and poor-quality underwear will ride up, bunch up and making your life hell in a hot and humid climate.

Your comfort and flexibility depend on good underwear. Here are some tips and also the types of best men’s underwear for hot weather.

#1 Best style of underwear

There are some different styles of men’s underwear that will work great in the hot weather such as Boxers (or Boxer Shorts), Briefs, and Boxer Briefs. Aside from personal preference, in some certain situations, one styles will serve you better than another. Each of them has its own pros and cons.

However, we recommend that you should use Boxer Briefs as it will suitable for dressing up, casual wear, any type of exercise, or playing sport in the hot summer. A boxer brief is perfect to wear under any type of pant. A bower brief is perfect to wear under any type of pant.

#2 Size

Size also determine how comfortable you are in your private parts. In summer days. It is important to wear fit clothes to feel comfortable when doing activities outdoor. If you wear underwear that too tight, you will not be able to move well.  It even can lead to the risk of serious bacterial infections.

#3 Fabric

There are some common fabrics that made of men’s underwear such as cotton, polyester, nylon, and bamboo. All of these can be the great underwear. However, as we are helping to buy underwear for summer days, we will suggest you buy bamboo underwear. Bamboo known for its strength even when woven into a lightweight fabric. It also provides natural wicking and antimicrobial properties.

If you cannot find a bamboo underwear, polyester also can please you in hot weather. Polyester is light and thin, it is the perfect fabric to wear if you are planning to wear tightly fitting jeans.

#4 Moisture Wicking

Moisture wicking is also important feature when looking for men’s underwear. It helps prevent the risk that you get too hot or cold if the fabric is damp, prevent embarrassing sweat stains, bad smell, and also get rid of all the chafing irritation. Cotton underwear has very poor moisture wicking properties.