8 Best Plant Nutrients for Growing Marijuana 2021

When it comes to growing marijuana at home, there are some critical, essential factors to provide for your plant. Just like grow lights, water, proper temperature and humidity; plant nutrient is also one of the most important purchase you will have to make. It is not difficult to buy plant nutrients but it will ensure you obtain the highest quality and quantity cannabis.

Cannabis nutrients are available in a variety of types, you must provide the appropriate nutrients for the plant’s growth stage and also your growth medium. Here are top 8 best plant nutrients that come from most reputable, dependable and common brand on the market.

Top 8 Plant Nutrients for Growing Weed 2021

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#1 Advanced Nutrients ANBGMBD500 Bloom, Micro, Grow Fertilizer

If you are using hydroponics system to plants your weed, perhaps you heard about Advanced Nutrients. This premium set nutrition solution is designed to provide the well balance of NPK, macro and micro nutrients, for maximum growth, healthy plants. It comes in a bundle of 3 containers: bloom, micro and grow for different growth period. These products have a pH-balanced composition, your work of adjusting pH level will be easier when using these nutrients.

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#2 Roots Organics Buddha Grow

Looking for an organic nutrient? Roots Organics Buddha Grow is great organic fertilizer for your weed during the growth stage. Its ingredients include Bat Guano, Kelp Extract, Soy Extract, Molasses, Worm Castings, Yucca Extract. All of these are 100% organic and won’t harm your plants. The Roots Organics Buddha Grow is designed for soil growing system, many users have reported positive results when using it with hydroponic, especially deep water culture systems.

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#3 Cutting Edge Solutions Grow Hydroponic Nutrients

Cutting Edge Solutions Grow is technically formulated for hydroponic system. Remember that this nutrient is perfect to use during vegetative stage, and you should not use it for flowering period. This nutrient is handcrafted and guaranteed to be greatest quality. You do not need to worry about any shortcuts, artificial growth hormones, or artificial colors in the formulation. The NPK level is 2-1-6, that means more nitrogen is added for green growth and more potassium is used to boost the photosynthetic rate.

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#4 J R Peter Jacks Classic 10-30-20 Blossom Booster Fertilizer

During the flowering stages, what nutrients you should feed your marijuana to get heavy, dense buds? Jacks Classic Blossom Booster Fertilizer is great place to go for. It has the NPK ratio of 10-30-20. The higher phosphorus level will boost more buds. Not only the requires NPK nutrient for flowering, it also contains micronutrients for better nutrient intake. One spoonful of powder with a gallon of water is the recommended dosage for hydroponics grow systems.

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#5 Beanstalk VitaSea All Purpose Indoor Plant Food

This organic fertilizer contains all of the necessary micronutrients. What I like most about this fertilizer is that it is really easy to use for all growth cycle. This product was created with animal and children in mind, so you do not need to worry about safety when using it for indoor plants. This fertilizer helps your plants grow faster and healthier by organic microorganisms and nutrients needed. It also encourages the development of stems and roots.

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#6 SUPERthrive VI30155 Plant Vitamin Solution

This nutrient is excellent option to encourage plants grow, stronger roots development and heavier buds. However, the only problem with this nutrient that you should be careful is overfeeding. Mix only one drop of it with a gallon of water for your hydroponic system, a tablespoon or any higher dosages may kill your cannabis plants. This nutrient also can use for soil system. It will aid in the production of attractive, abundant, and delicious buds. It comprises 53 soluble compounds that are easily absorbed by your marijuana plant.

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#7 General Hydroponics Maxigro and Maxibloom Fertilizer

Powdered nutrients are my recommendation for new grower as they are cheaper than concentrated liquid nutrients and also easier to feed your plant. This General Hydro fertilizer comes in a set of two bag, they are different fertilizers and formula for the vegetative and blooming phases. MaxiGro is created to promote fast seedling and clone development and vegetative period. On the other hand, during the flowers period, MaxiBloom is added to create large, abundant buds. These powdered nutrients are also very simple to store and transport.

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#8 FoxFarm FX14620 Happy Frog Organic Gardening All Purpose Fertilizer

One of the most common mistake of new growers is overfeeding their plants. But with this FoxFarm’s all-purpose fertilizer, you will need to worry about this problem thanks to its slow-release formula. Slow-release fertilizers will slow feed your plant, the nutrients will be released whenever you water the plants, due to that, this fertilizer can last for months.