Dinafem Seeds Review – Where Is Dinafem Seeds Located

Dinafem is a major player in the online seed bank industry. Located in Spain, the Company operates as both a seed bank and grower, with distributors dispersed across Europe. Dinafem also has Dinafem seeds UK and Dinafem seeds India. Dinafem bills itself as a cannabis seed bank that maintains a strict standard for the quality of its strains. It is often described as “well know” for its marijuana seeds.

For many years Dinafem has been the largest and most well-known distributor of marijuana seeds in Europe, although Dianfem has not always been. And for a long time, the likes of Jay’s Seeds were the leading distributor. However, this is not the only prominent vendor of marijuana seeds in Europe. Recently, many other larger names have entered the market and are now selling marijuana seeds and other related materials on a larger scale than ever before. These new vendors are now attempting to lower the price and raise the quality of their products. One such example is recently discovered plant genetics supplier Samosa Seeds, which is rumored to be very close to Dinafem.
The business has been in existence for the past 25 years. One of the Company’s most notable seeds, to which it has been given the exclusive rights, is the Enchanted Bud. This seed is a clone of the famed Smuggler that has been grown with so many clones. This powerful marijuana hybrid can grow to incredible heights, producing massive amounts of THC at varying levels. The Company also has exclusive rights to a super-hybrid called the Holy, which has sativa and indica genetics.

Dinafem seeds review

However, despite the competition, these large vendors are suffering under the weight of governmental regulation, as legalization of marijuana has gained ground throughout the continent and several major nations have legalized either recreational or medical marijuana, the size and quality of seed companies has exploded. On the other hand, the impact of the government crackdown on illegal growing has also caused many vendors to keep a much lower profile and many marijuana seed sellers have closed their doors permanently. Dinafem seeds busted by the government in the past, as a result of governmental crackdown.
In one particular case, ELA Seeds (Esclavas La at the original ELA location in search of a source for pesticide and other plant growing materials) recently went out of business because of a serious lack of government approval. This closure could have severely impacted Dinafem as the ELA had a huge selection of marijuana seed but has now become a smaller part of the seedbank. There are still some big names in the market however, including Jay’s Seeds, Dinafem, and Seeds For Life, but overall it’s quite clear that something has gone terribly wrong in the European marijuana seed industry, and until the European government decides to return marijuana to the green and free space it once was, the growers of Europe will have to rely on their native seed growers.
In addition to being a marijuana seedbank, Dinafem is a leading producer of medical marijuana in Spain. It sells the majority of its marijuana seeds by the gram. To ensure the consistency and quality of its cannabis seed selection, it sends out samplers regularly to a variety of cannabis suppliers.

Dinafem Products

As part of Dinafem seeds review, you can look at two of its new cannabis varieties. These are a cross between a female and male cannabis species. Both varieties are new and are available in both 1/8″ and 1/2″ seeds. The seeds are collected from the male plants, which are responsible for the “male” look. The cannabis seeds are produced in Germany but are shipped to Spain for production. Seeds such as blue widow dinafem seeds and blue hash dinafem seeds are a couple of the best Dinafem seeds. Interested buyers would benefit from looking at Dinafem seeds for sale.
Growers interested in this new variety of cannabis are asked to follow some important guidelines. The plants will grow only 2’ tall and produce a few pounds of marijuana buds. The plants are either male or female. You can decide which gender the seed contains based on the pollen/fertilized female pups you find in the plant. The female pups will contain the pollen that will be used to hybridize the plant. This fact means you are never guaranteed to find the same variety of plants each time you order cannabis seeds from Dinafem. Each variety will be unique.
Dinafem is more than just an organization; Dinafem has built an entire industry around its work. The Company is very transparent about its seed processing and packaging, and its web page is updated daily. It is well-organized and has a huge selection of strains, seeds, and clone cuts. The quality is high, and the prices reasonable. Whether you’re looking for your first single or the highest-quality weed, Dinafem is a good choice.
Dinafem primarily grows high-CBD, high-THC cannabis strains (usually in sativa, indica and hybrid mixes). It also has a seed bank, but this one is based on buying seeds from other (legal) breeders.
A lot of enthusiasts see Dinafem as being a pioneer, for providing a legal source of raw cannabis seeds and for advocating the use of seeds instead of ‘seeds everywhere’ methodologies. I’m a seed-buying pro, and I have nothing but praise for Dinafem.

Background on Seeds

Also, let me point out a couple things about seeds. This is to prevent you from having to follow this post blindly:
First, you must remember: A seed is a seed. It is the same thing as a poppyseed.
Second, no seeds, no matter how great, are perfect. For example, I had a Shaggy Booshoo with 30% THCA, 100% CBD, 800 ppm THC, and an AIDA2 index of 6: The seeds died in the morning after they were harvested. Some had huge dry down, others were waterlogged, and they were all garbage. Some of them had too much or too little THC. Some had large seeds and others had small seeds. All were unusable. We had a similar problem with a ‘Dinah’ female: we had several of the male/female hybrid and several female/male hybrids with completely different patterns, sizes, and scion attachment. The cannabis that was entirely based on the female might not have any good seed, and the rest could be waste. Every breeding you try is trial and error.
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