You are earnest to start your keeping fish hobby, you know what they need to live healthy and have prepared for them a nice, cozy tank with all essential equipment.

But choosing fish not as simple as you come scuttling to the fish sold near me now and pick the fish that catch your eyes, especially for the beginner.

There are some things that you should know about the fish you plan to keep.

What kind of these fish?

The first thing you should ask the salesmen from fish sold near me is what the species of those fish. Each kind of fish will require different physical characteristics, habitat, and diet.

If you are the beginner, ensure that the fish you choose is easy to keep. They should be inexpensive and very hardy to survive if you make a mistake.

There are some kinds of fish that we recommend for a new owner: Platy, Cherry barbs, Endler’s guppy, cory catfish, molly.

What types of tank do they need?

The salesmen should give you about the feature habitat of these fish, but if he is not, ask him.

Some fish are live in freshwater some are living in saltwater. For example, Molly prefers to live in freshwater with slightly saline. So you will need to provide them a little bit of aquarium salt.

These fish require a cool or warm temperature? If they are tropical fish, you will need to maintain a warm environment temperature of about 75-80 F degrees. The best aquarium starter kits that come with a thermometer or an aquarium heater are the best choice in this case.

How should you feed them?

Most people forget or do not care about this problem when buying fish from fish store nearby. One of the best ways to help your fish acclimatizing the new habitat when you take them home is feeding your fish like the feeding routines of the shopkeeper.

The feeding frequency will depend on the type of the fish you get. But generally, all fish can do well with just a meal per day. The baby fish will require to be fed more frequently.

Are you buying your fish in a highly reputable shop?

You should ensure that you are dealing with a highly reputable fish stores around me. Badly fish store can give you the weak fish that might die within a few weeks.