How to change time on bmw

How do I change the time on my BMW clock?

Changing the time in your BMW is easy with these step by step directions. On the main screen select car, settings, general settings, and date and time. Once on the date and time screen, you can select the time zone, time format, date, and date format.

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How do I change the clock in my BMW 2019?

How To Change The Time On Your BMW’s Clock

  1. Go to the main iDrive screen.
  2. Select settings.
  3. Click time & date.
  4. Scroll to time and push the iDrive controller, this should make the hour digit turn red.
  5. When the hour digit is red, you can rotate the iDrive controller around so you can change the time on it.

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How do you change the time on a BMW 3 Series 2018?

The right knob on cluster

there should be two knobs on your instrument cluster, the left one resets your trip meter… the right one will set your time… Just turn right to advance and turn left to go back… if you push in it will change from “AM/PM” to “2400.”

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