I am for, “Patient Participation in Medical Product Discussions” – 440

This is a guest post by Bennet Dunlap who blogs at http://www.ydmv.net/. The content below was originally published on his blog. I apologize for the formatting, which is my doing.

FDA has a very short term docket (30 days closes on Dec 4) about Patient Participation in Medical Product Discussions. Right smack in the middle of Diabetes month Thanksgiving. Not ideal comment time.
American doctor talking to senior man in surgery — Stock Photo
So DOC, we need your help.
Stephen Shaul started the ball rolling to get some comments in. The goal of comments is to be complimentary of the 2014 actions FDA has taken with the diabetes community and ask to keep that going, and maybe step that up with a PDUFA meeting. http://www.ydmv.net/search?q=pdufa.
If you can cut paste a comment great, if you can riff on the talking points making you comments similar but unique, even better. Everything you need is here: http://www.stripsafely.com/comment-on-patient-participation-with-fda/.
Personally I would like to see most o the comments in the docket be on diabetes issues. Let’s dominate the docket.
Time is short.
Thanks for stepping up.