If you are planning to rear chicken and finding for the best chicken coop available, there are lots of factors that you should consider and also too many choices of chicken coops out there.

In order to help you narrow your search among the many different kinds of chicken coops, this post is going for details and review of Merax chicken coop.

This coop may meet your needs and give your flock of chicken a comfortable place for playing and resting.

#1  Spaciously Designed

The dimensions of Merax chicken coop are 59L x 22W x 33H inches. This size of coop provides your chicken enough space to walk around and also a large space to nest in. You can keep for about 4 to 5 adult chickens in this best backyard chicken coop.

The upper part of the coop is the indoor resting room for your poultry. The under part is open space but also be surrounded by the steel mesh. This is offered your chicken the ground running area. These two parts of this coop are linked by a built-in ramp.

#2 Durability

Merax chicken coop is durable construction with cedar wood. This is designed to against weather elements.

The cedar wood is coated with waterproof paint, which will protect your chickens are safe from rain and other harsh weather condition. Besides, cedar wood is a stable and durable material that will last for quite a long time.

#3 Easy to install

If you are concerned about installing the chicken coop, then Merax chicken coop is the option that easy to assemble. Whether you do not have any experience or you are not very skillful, you can easily succeed to install it.

This coop also comes with the instruction that is easy to understand. Following these simple instructions, you can immediately assemble this coop after delivery.

#4 Extra nesting box

You can easily and quickly take the eggs out with the extra nesting box. Simply open the box and you can easily access inside and take all the chicken eggs.

Moreover, under the nesting box, there is the removable tray, which you can pull out. This will catch their droppings and allow you easy to clean.