Team WILD, Mari, and me. -123

Two years ago, I had fallen on physical and emotional hard times. First my body failed me, unrelated to diabetes; then my marriage fell into the category of “irrevocably broken”. Somehow, I gathered the strength to join Team WILD, and it helped that Mari offered a small discount in return for a little publicity.

I met Mari that summer, as she also invited me to have dinner one evening with those attending Camp WILD that summer in the same city where I work, completely understanding the financial burden that going to camp would have been at that transitional point.

I came away from the 3-month program with a 20-lb weight loss and a significant gain in self-confidence. Over the past couple years, I managed to meet a handful of new people who boosted me up when I needed it the most, to lift me up where I am now. But the first one was Mari, and I am forever grateful.