Then and Now – 110

This month marks my 8th diaversary.  Wow, 8 years ago I got that fateful phone call from my doctor that dramatically changed my life.  Then: the change felt awful, impossible, unfair and overwhelming.  Now: I feel much better.  Yes, I still feel all of those earlier emotions from time to time, but I don’t spend my days feeling as if I drew the short straw.Faites-le maintenant — Photo

I began my personal blog about my life with diabetes 2 1/2 years ago and, when I read over the early blog posts, I realize how much has changed in my life since the beginning of my journey.  Sometimes I say “What was I thinking?” because the early Kate with diabetes did some silly stuff that I don’t do now (like thinking that sugar free candy was my savior!  Give me a break, I was desperate).  Now I’m able to eat a moderately low carb diet when back then it seemed like I would never be able to adjust my diet successfully.  Now I manage to fit regular exercise into my days (well, ok, most of the time, not always) but back then I groaned and whined and railed against the need to exercise.

If I could give one bit of advice; one bit of wisdom I’ve gained over the years living with diabetes, it would be that you can change.  It may seem impossible now but if you take things one step at a time and focus on the big picture, you will get there.  I don’t claim to have the answers and I certainly have my days when I need someone’s shoulder, but I am content with my life, despite my diabetes.  It’s along for the ride, but it’s not steering the ship.