For a while I have wanted to create a place where people with type 2 diabetes come together in a effort to help each other and share their experiences. This desire came after I realized we need to have a stronger presence in the Diabetes Online Community, and also because I have been inspired by other group efforts mostly targeted for the type 1 community. Then I read an article on the Sanofi blog “Discuss Diabetes” where Bob Fenton talks about people with type 2 diabetes being invisible in the DOC. We do not want to be invisible, we are here, we have something to say!

I only know a few type 2 diabetes bloggers, but I admire them and respect them immensely, and I knew I needed them to make this work. So I reached out to my good friends and fellow T2’s to ask them if they would be interested in having some sort of collaborative website. And here we are, still working on it and setting things up, but I wanted to make June 1, 2013 the date of the official launch of The Type 2 Experience, a collaboration blog where want to connect to other people with type 2 diabetes and discuss what life is really like living with this condition in order to demystify some of the information given by the media, because I personally feel it is our duty as diabetes advocates.

I am excited! My most sincere thanks to Mike, Kate, Bob, Lizmari, Sue and Rachel who have agreed to work on this project with me.