What does draw equipment mean in cats and soup

What is equipment in cats and soup?

Equipment refers to the various hats, clothes, accessories, and friends (pets) that your cats can equip for aesthetics and to increase their production rates.

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How do you get a lot of money in cat soup?

Carrot, cabbage and other flavored soups will fetch more gold than a bland soup. This is why you need to build such slicing facilities as soon as possible to diversify and sell various types of soup to earn more gold. Don’t forget to build resting facilities for your feline friends. Your cute kitties need a break

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What does furniture do in cat Soup?

Cats and Soup furniture is a collectible item that allows you to decorate your mini-room. This is a cute location that lets you show off your cats in style, along with any furnishings that you’ve collected along the way.

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What does feeding cats do in cats and soup?

This is unlocked once you craft your corn-husking cooking station. You can catch fish in this pond that can be fed to any of your cats. Every time you feed a cat, it will gain a heart. With every heart, your cat gains an additional buff, making fishing a crucial mechanic to Cats & Soup

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How do you get the legendary fish in cat soup?

To catch the fish in the Cats and Soup game, you must build the ?fishing pond? or ?fishing ground? facility. It costs 1000B gold to build this facility and it is unlocked after you build the ?Bulletin Board and Peeling Corns? facility.

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How do you do the hot air balloon in cats and soup?

After building the searchlight, you should experience this special event. Occasionally, a hot air balloon ridden by a mouse will fly over the kitchen. After tapping it repeatedly, the gold should scatter all over the kitchen and the mouse comes down with it.

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What does the observatory in cats and soup do?

You can additionally update your existing cats with new skills and breeds using the Observatory special facility.

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What is the max level for facilities in cats and soup?

The first facility of its type that you build will start at Level 1, and can be levelled until it reaches Level 22 000 or higher. Subsequent facilities of the same type will start at the highest level of the same type.

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