What does esposa mean

Whats the meaning of esposa?


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What does VAZA mean in Spanish?


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Whats the meaning of MI Esposo?

you’re my husband.

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What does Ostra mean in Spanish slang?

Meanings of “¡ostras!” in English Spanish Dictionary : 3 result(s)

Category English
1 Speaking darn it!
2 Speaking jeez!
British Slang

3 more rows

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How do you pronounce esposa?

Arabic: ???????

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Can I say mi amor to a guy?

One can use mi amor as a romantic nickname, similar to the English words honey, sweetheart, or darling. Mi amor is used to address both men and women. Unlike some Spanish nouns which have a masculine and feminine version, one should use ?mi amor? for both men and women.

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What do Spanish guys call their girlfriends?

Let’s start with the traditional names like ?mi amor? and ?mi vida.? ?Mi amor? simply means ?my love? while ?mi vida? means ?my life.? Some of the most common Spanish pet names include ?corazón? and ?cielo.? ?Mi corazón? means ?my (sweet)heart? and ?cielo? is the equivalent of ?darling? or ?honey? in English.

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What do Papi Chulo mean?

Getty. A direct translation of papi chulo from Spanish is ?pimp daddy,? with papi being a diminutive form of ?father? (and used like ?baby?) and chulo meaning ?pimp? but also ?attractive,? ?cocky,? or ?cool? in colloquial settings.

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What do Mexican guys call their girlfriends?

Morra ? Girlfriend

In Mexico, morra is a very popular slang term that means ‘girlfriend’.

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What does boys like being called?


One of the best things that you can call your boyfriend, or even a platonic friend, is handsome. When you call a guy handsome in a romantic relationship, then it makes them feel good about themselves. It also reinforces your relationship because it tells them that you find them physically attractive.

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What is Chulo Papi?

Papi chulo (“cute daddy” in Caribbean Spanish) is a Spanish term of endearment for males.

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