What does yoka mean in english

What is a Yoka?

Mollusks-Gastropods Guildfordia yoka is a marine turban snail commonly known as the Yoka Star Turban.

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What kind of name is Yoka?

The last name Yoka (Russian: ????) is more commonly found in The Congo than any other country/territory. It may be rendered in the variant forms:. Click here for further possible spellings of this surname.

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What does Yoka mean in Russia?

Noun. ???? ? (ioga) yoga.

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What does ponyo mean Russian?

“Ya ponyo”

I’ve heard Russian speakers mention something that sounds like “ya ponyo” a lot. I figure it means “I understand”.

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What does Yaba mean in Russian?

Literal definition: pancake. Meaning: an expression of annoyance. ???? is similar in pronunciation to a vulgar Russian word, so it’s often used as a relatively appropriate substitute, much like “fudge” and “sugar” in English.

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What is slang for Russians?

Russki and Russky (pl. Russkies) are slang words for Russians, derived from the Russian word ??????? (“Russians”). Those terms may also refer to citizens of Russia regardless of ethnic background.

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What does Kefa mean in Russian?

Noun. kèfa f (Cyrillic spelling ????) brush.

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Đang tải…


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Do Russians say LOL?

About Russian Texting Slang

Many Russian texting abbreviations come from the English ? ??? (?LOL?), ???? (?IMHO?), and ??? (?OMG?). But most of the slang abbreviations are native Russian. Don’t use these slang words in official text messages or emails because they may be offensive.

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